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conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations
Find out what triggered the Nutshell presentations, the feedback we receive, the struggle to keep the presentations on-line, and why in so many languages ...

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The Coffee Corner

McDonalds has agreed to redesign their logo for the chain's 19 kosher branches in Israel. This is only the second time ever that McDonalds has agreed not to use the red background to their golden arches. To distinguish them from the "non-kosher" branches, the new logo will appear only with Hebrew letters, against a blue background. All McDonalds' Israeli branches use only kosher ingredients of course, but some have agreed to leave dairy products off their menus, thus winning them the desirable "kashrut certificate". The new blue background will make their kosher status obvious to tourists and locals alike.

A medical team from Tel Hashomer Hospital near Tel Aviv, headed by Dr. Eyal Winkler, has just returned from Peru, after carrying our surgery on young harelip and cleft palate patients, from among the local Indian tribes. Called "Operation New Smile", the team worked with local doctors, who were glad to learn from the Israeli surgeons' expertise. Forty operations, some quite complex, were carried out during one week. The youngest patient was two months old, the oldest in his teens. Many were able to smile for the first time, after years of suffering.

Farid al-Karenawi, aged 30, from the Bedouin town of Rahat, started working as a security guard in Israel's Knesset six years ago. He recently became bodyguard to some of Israel's top politicians, including Shimon Peres and Labor Party Chairman Amir Peretz. This is the first time that a Bedouin has reached such a highly sensitive position in Israel. It is said that Shimon Peres is very proud of his Bedouin bodyguard, and that it was one of the topics of his conversation with actress Sharon Stone during her recent visit to Israel.