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200 human beings lost their lives in Spain yesterday - 200 innocent civilians on their way to work, to school, or just to catch the morning train. It really isn't important who carried out this atrocity, whether it was Al-Qaida, the ETA, or some other unknown organization. The main point here is that the murder of innocent civilians in order to further a political goal is shocking and totally unpardonable.

The refusal of the European nations to treat the Palestinian terror organizations as terrorists, the tolerance and "understanding" shown by the European nations to Palestinian terror, and the European insistence on labeling these terrorists "militants", "guerillas", or even "freedom fighters" is what has given legitimacy to the horrifying deed in Spain, and to terror in general as a means of achieving a political end. Murdering hundreds of innocent people in order to achieve a political goal, whether in the Middle East or anywhere else on the globe, must be defined as a criminal act, and the perpetrators should be defined as terrorists, who have to be extirpated with all the force we can muster.

We, in Israel, have been living for years in a reality in which young Palestinians are queuing up for the right to commit suicide while simultaneously killing as many Israelis as possible - in order to achieve a political goal. And, while we in Israel are trying to understand what leads a youngster to kill himself, or what brings a mother to bless her son on his way to commit a suicide bombing, while we are trying to understand and seek the motives, the answer is to be found in Europe's forgiving and sympathetic attitude toward such incomprehensible acts. This attitude of the European countries leads us to the obvious and logical equation. If the aims of the Palestinian terrorists are given legitimacy, why should any other minority in any place in the world not receive the same legitimacy to use terror and murder in order to achieve their ends.