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conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations
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We are now preparing a new presentation about what it is actually like to live in Israel today - everything that goes to make up Israel's vibrant and very special way of life. This presentation will feature different aspects of modern life in Israel - the major cities, cultural life, antiquities and historical sites, unique locations, like the Dead Sea, Eilat and the magical city of Jerusalem.
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The Hamas - A Profile of Terror CD

Growing out of the Muslim Brotherhood, which originated in Egypt, the Hamas was formed in the Palestinian Arab areas in late 1987. Today, it is the largest fundamentalist Palestinian organization. It uses both violent and political means, including terrorism, to attain its goal of establishing an Islamic theocracy in place of the State of Israel.

See the main points of the Hamas Covenant, understand their goals and their methods of incitement, meet the new would-be leaders of the Palestinian Authority - and see the terrible results of their endeavors.

By buying this CD-ROM you are participating in our effort to keep this web site going, to design new presentations, and to keep you informed of the latest happenings in Israel.

The Hamas - A Profile of Terror CD is available for US$25. You can order CDs or make donations through PayPal or by sending a check.

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