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We are now preparing a new presentation about what it is actually like to live in Israel today - everything that goes to make up Israel's vibrant and very special way of life. This presentation will feature different aspects of modern life in Israel - the major cities, cultural life, antiquities and historical sites, unique locations, like the Dead Sea, Eilat and the magical city of Jerusalem.
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The terrorists in the Gaza Strip have sent 600 deadly rockets and missiles to Israeli cities, towns, and villages over the past 5 days. If the Gaza Strip had been located in Afghanistan, Bosnia, the Falklands, Vietnam, Chechnya or the Ukraine, or many other areas of the world, it would have been bombed out of existence by now.

The very fact that Gaza is still there, with most of its deadly arsenal intact, is testimony to Israel’s humanity, and its great desire not to harm Gaza’s innocent civilian population. Despite surgical and pinpointed attacks, this is made almost impossible by the fact that Gaza has a warren of well-protected underground tunnels through which terrorist personnel and materiel are moved, and also by the well-documented fact that Hamas hides its rockets and launchers behind and among its civilian population. The cowardly Hamas leadership has not been seen for days above ground. All the international do-gooders who trumpet the fact that Gaza is “under siege” should stop to wonder what kind of weapons would have been brought in if this had not been the case.

Gaza does have an innocent civilian population, who made the mistake of voting Hamas in, thinking that their welfare and infrastructure would be improved through the foreign funding that poured in. Instead of welfare and infrastructure, however, the only thing that has been improved is the Hamas ability to build bigger and better rockets. Gaza’s innocent population should now heed the IDF’s warnings – and evacuate!

Israel’s main consideration has always been to keep its civilian population safe. Bomb shelters have been built, and the blessed Iron Dome was created. This, thank God, has resulted in a disproportionate casualty rate among Israelis in contrast to the Gazan civilian population – who are pushed to the front lines by their cowardly leaders.

The Israeli population is resilient. We will get through this. I wish I could say the same for the innocents on the other side of the border.



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During 2011 I decided to express myself on big canvases. Using acrylic paints, shapes and colors. You are welcome to view the results of my work at My Art

Find out what triggered the Nutshell presentations, the feedback we receive, the struggle to keep the presentations on-line, and why in so many languages …
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January 2008 the Sderot - Ashkelon - Israel problem
So what exactly is the problem - despite fifty rockets today and forty yesterday - not enough Israelis are getting killed?
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Sderot - In Between Rockets
Sderot has 20,000 men, women, children and lots of babies, and it has been turned into firing range by the Palestinian.
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A Bloody Game of Poker
The latest events in Kfar Qana prove once again that the Hizbollah knows how to play its cards well.
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Thoughts on “Hamatzav” (the Situation)
So I don’t really know how to combat the increasingly critical press, in the UK, and world wide.
These comments on the current situation in Israel were written by a close friend – currently on Shlichut.
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I miss David
This week, Jews all over the world will gather with their families to retell the ancient story of the exodus from Egypt.
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Who We Are   The Goal
Conceptwizard is not an anonymous organization. Udi and I are a married couple, living in central Israel, with two grown-up children. We spend many hours creating our presentations and info page, and answering as many of your letters as possible. We do this voluntarily, after our regular bread-and-butter jobs. Udi runs a design studio,which specializes in web site and commercial presentations design, and I work at the Israel Sport Center for the Disabled.
  We created this web site because we care deeply about the future of our region, and we feel that we have something to contribute. Our goal is to provide quickly viewed educational tools to help people better understand and explain the roots of the Mid-East conflict.

About This Web Site
This web site and our presentations are freely accessible to all. We are not financially supported by the Israeli government or by any of the big Jewish organizations.
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  Buy the Presentation on CD
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  Buy the Presentation on CD
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Who can forget the heartrending video clip of young Hadil Ghalia running over the Gaza sands, looking for her family? There are many parallels between this and the photos of 12-year-old Mohammed al-Durah, caught between Israeli and Palestinian gunfire. Yet, there are so many inconsistencies in both scenarios that we should at least stop to question the genuineness of what we are being shown.
Whether or not Hadil lost her family as the result of a stray Israeli shell, or the explosion of a Palestinian device or mine, is of little consequence. She lost her family, as young al-Durah lost his life, because she is living in a war zone. read more >
Disengagement - interim conclusions - or what I learned up until now about the disengagement
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  Hamas wins the elections in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Are the Palestinians fed up with the corruption of the Palestinian Authority? Or did they vote for Hamas because they support their agenda?
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An imaginary individual decides to visit his imaginary relatives. He collects his wife and imaginary children, prepares a suitcase, and sets out. In order to get to his relatives, he has to pass through a barrier...

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  Why shouldn't we REALLY treat the Palestinians in a more humane way?
This is a question that we are often asked in the letters people write to us after seeing our presentations

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THE JERUSALEM REPORT   Conversation on the Beach
Propaganda on a Shoestring
With unexpected success, a Kfar Saba couple takes on Israel's information battle
Hanan Sher
"Imagine" is one of four remarkably simple, hard-hitting and effective Internet presentations created by Udi and Mal Ohana to help Israel in the information war. A husband-and-wife team from Kfar Saba, northeast of Tel Aviv, she's an English-language editor-translator, he's a graphic artist. Huge numbers of surfers have clicked onto their presentations over the last year; and they have won praise - but no financial support - from bodies responsible for official "information" efforts.

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By Solly Ganor
About half a mile from where I live in Herzliya, on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean, stands an old mosque. It was built during the Middle Ages and a Moslem holy man is buried on that site. The holy man's name was Sidney Ally and that is how the mosque is known to this day.
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200 human beings lost their lives in Spain yesterday - 200 innocent civilians on their way to work, to school, or just to catch the morning train. It really isn't important who carried out this atrocity, whether it was Al-Qaida, the ETA, or some other unknown organization.
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Welcome to our coffee corner.
We will try to provide you here with short anecdotes about life in Israel today - things you won't usually be seeing on your TV screens.
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  Following Naomi Shemer last year, Israel loses two more of its best-loved composers - Uzi Hitman and Ehud Manor

Yad Vashem presents a new face to the world Israelis on vacation in Sinai and Turkey become targets of terrorism
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