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conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations conceptwizard's presentations
New Presentations
We are now preparing a new presentation about what it is actually like to live in Israel today - everything that goes to make up Israel's vibrant and very special way of life. This presentation will feature different aspects of modern life in Israel - the major cities, cultural life, antiquities and historical sites, unique locations, like the Dead Sea, Eilat and the magical city of Jerusalem.
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After the second Intifada began, in September 2000, Israel became a violent and uncertain place. Having immigrated to Israel from the UK in 1970, after graduating from a Zionist youth movement, I felt the need to write to my friends abroad - to explain what the Israel experience now felt like. What it was like to go shopping or to a restaurant, or - as parents - to put kids on a bus, or let them go out in the evenings. For me, it was a way of keeping my sanity in crazy times. The correspondence circle grew. Udi looked on with curiosity - and perhaps a little envy. This was something to do when no official hasbara was available, and time weighed heavily.

Our first presentation, "Imagine", grew out of the need we perceived among our friends for information. As a website and presentation designer, the language that Udi uses best is a visual one. He wanted to explain these indiscriminate bombings in a way that everyone could understand, using uncensored images that the official sources shunned. We sent this first presentation to my email list of sixty or so friends. The result was immediate, and incredible. My friends sent the presentation on to their friends, who sent it on to their friends, etc. etc. - and we began receiving letters of friendship and support from all over the world.

From these letters, we realized that most people have very little understanding of the history of our conflict. We created our "History in a Nutshell" to fill this gap. We undertook the mission to create a 5-minute presentation to explain the history of the Middle Eastern conflict in a visual and easily digestible way. Our goal then and still was to provide an educational tool for people who want to promote Israel's image overseas. The need for brevity meant, of course, that the information was far from comprehensive - but we covered Israel's history from 1920, the British Mandate, the Partition Plan, the establishment of the State, the War of Independence, the Six-Day War, until 1973 and the Yom Kippur War. We put our "Nutshell" on Udi's small commercial site, and sent the link for the presentation to my list of friends, plus all our new friends who had written after seeing "Imagine".

The reaction can only be described as an avalanche. At this time there was very little material on the Internet to combat the very effective Arab propaganda machine. We had tens of thousands of unique visitors to the website every day, and our bandwidth usage increased sharply. At one stage, we were forced to take the presentation down because we couldn't afford the extra fees to keep it on air. We received thousands of letters, begging us to put the presentation back, and offering help. We were determined - then as now - to keep the site advertisement-free and apolitical, which limited our options. To cut a long story short, more than three million individuals around the globe have now seen "History in a Nutshell".

We received many requests, asking for the presentation in languages other than English. We also received a large number of offers, volunteering to translate the presentation. However, the Flash technology used means that we can't simply cut&paste the different language texts and - hey presto -create the presentation in French, or Spanish, or other languages. The presentation has to be taken to bits, and then reconstructed - which is a very time-consuming and precise process. Despite these difficulties, and despite the time and expenses involved, we have, to date, succeeded in creating thirteen different language versions of "History in a Nutshell".

From the hundreds of letters we were now receiving each day,
it became clear to us that a wider view of the history was needed.
We began working on "Nutshell Too"
(and, yes, the name was intentional).

This presentation covers the history of the area from biblical times until 2000. It questions the existence of a "Palestinian" entity in the region prior to 1947, and briefly describes the peace agreements from the Madrid Summit on.

The new wave of anti-Semitism, associated with radical Islam, began to make itself felt in 2003. We decided that this was to be our next project, and invested tens of hours of research in our endeavor to simplify the message in a way that everyone can understand. This is a subject of prime concern today, and our presentation is intended to be a wake-up call to all the free nations of the world. The dangers and expansionist tendencies of radical Islam cannot be underestimated. We would like to be able to create more non-English versions but, again, are limited by time and money considerations.

In February 2004, Israel was put on trial at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Whatever you may feel about Israel's security barrier, there is no denying that every sovereign nation has the right to self-defense. If there were no terror, there would be no need for such a barrier. "The Trial" presentation shows a different side of Israel - its humanitarian activities in problem areas of the world.

We are now working on a new mega-presentation, portraying life in present-day Israel. This is taking a long time. As many of you know, all our work on the presentations is done voluntarily. There are just the two of us - and we have limited time at our disposal after our regular workday. Please bear with us.

If you have already purchased our CDs, thank you. The only support we receive is from good people like you. We gave up the search for a sponsor when we realized that sponsorship comes with a political or commercial price tag. Our presentations are free for all to view on our info page, but the more donations we receive and the more CDs that you buy, the more we will be able to create additional presentations and non-English language versions of our existing presentations to combat the continued flow of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda on the Internet.